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Nicknames: Vel, VL, Lies

    Currently posted in Seattle, Washington, VelvetLies is proud to be a Gaardian journalist since 2007. When she is not writing nonsense, or enthralled by the scrolling text of Aardwolf, she is likely engaged in a variety of visual, technical, performance and circus arts. Her greatest fear? Having less time to spend on the MUD as she begins her pursuit of higher education at Cornish College of the Arts in Fall 2008.

Articles by VelvetLies

The Batcatcher*The Fashionably Late 2017 Edition
Ball Til You (Ice)FallHappy Father's Day
Happy PrideHappy Father's Day
"Class" Action Lawsuit Against Ivar Educational Travel CorporationThe Spring Fever Issue
AYLA HATES BOTSThe Post-Olympic Non-Olympic Issue
Gaardian Prepares Pay-Per-View SystemThe Post-Olympic Non-Olympic Issue
GYOA - VIII: Hope For Shopping AddictionThe Post-Olympic Non-Olympic Issue
What's in a slap?The Human Rights on a Bun Issue
***STOP SOCIAL LET DOWN 2012 CAMPAIGN***Love and Laughter - Valentine's Day 2012
Occupy Valentine's DayLove and Laughter - Valentine's Day 2012
Food Fads 2011The September Issue
10 Ways to MUD Like a Boss.Gaardian's June 2011 Special Edition.
Bubble Trouble!Gaardian's June 2011 Special Edition.
GYHOA - VII: ARCDGaardian's June 2011 Special Edition.
Intro to Mafia 101Gaardian's June 2011 Special Edition.
GYHoA-VI - Love SafelyValentine's Day Edition
GYHoA-V: Social Let DownHappy New Year 2011 Special Edition
InterfaceHappy New Year 2011 Special Edition
Santa Sticks AroundHappy New Year 2011 Special Edition
Cocktail CrazeOur BIGGEST Issue Ever
Gaardian CelebratesOur BIGGEST Issue Ever
InfoWireOur BIGGEST Issue Ever
Gaarding Your Health on Aardwolf - Part IIISummer Solstice 2010
Cinco de MayoCinco de Mayo 2010!
Trivia Points - Too Hot to Handle?Happy New Year's 2010!
Secrets of the Meso Hor Neeian Club EXPOSED!Post-Hallowe'en 2009
Aardwolf Facing Discrimination AccusationsSummer Solstice 2009 Issue!
Academy Rats Get Hungry, Then Sniffed OutSummer Solstice 2009 Issue!
The Great Aardwolf Unreality Voteoff!Summer Solstice 2009 Issue!
'Lies Guide to a More Stylish DeletionMudder's Day 2009 issue
2009 To Bring Joy and More to Aardwolf!Happy New Issue!
Olde Timers Too Stubborn to ChangeHappy New Issue!
The Dirty DozenAnniversary Issue!
The Aardlympic GamesSpooky sensationalism issue!
Top 10 Denied Article RequestsSpooky sensationalism issue!
Someone Take My Keys Away!May 2008 issue
Double the Danger, Double the Fun!V3 special issue
V3 Ruins Everything - Again!V3 special issue
All Flash and No Substance!February 2008 issue
Ringing in the Year of the RatFebruary 2008 issue
Holiday Tree-sonChristmas '07 issue
Home & StyleChristmas '07 issue
Getting the SpinsDecember '07 issue
News FlashDecember '07 issue
Part II - Gaarding Your Health on AardwolfDecember '07 issue
Up in ArmsDecember '07 issue
A Tasty TreatJuly '07 issue
Gaardian's LoquI TeaserJuly '07 issue
Gaarding your health on AardwolfJuly '07 issue
Hell freezes over, people agree on PK, and Gaardian finds its checkbookJuly '07 issue
A Look at LeadershipJune '07 issue
Aardwolf's Choice, Second InstallmentJune '07 issue
Lessons Twice LearnedJune '07 issue
The Faces of PlayersJune '07 issue
The lost art of decencyJune '07 issue
Aardwolf's ChoiceMay '07 edition
First and Last and AlwaysMay '07 edition
Letter From The MuseMay '07 edition
Mistakes We Choose to MakeMay '07 edition
ResolutionMay '07 edition
Strange BehaviorMay '07 edition
Gaardian ClassifiedsMarch '07 edition
Skank: [skangk] Slang. to dance rhythmically in a loose-limbed manner.March '07 edition
Tier Burnout?March '07 edition
Within the FrameworkMarch '07 edition

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