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September 3rd: The September Issue

Running N E W S will not take you far, so Gaardian brings you the news from all over.

February 16th Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Bhengis (39)!

Why I Lasertag
Written by Nibbly  (1871 views)

Thinking of developing Carpal Tunnel?? Try Lasertag!

Local authorities to shutdown lottery
Written by Mandorallen  (1699 views)

After a year of running on the loose, the Gaardian Lottery finally met its demise when local authorities assembled to permanently shutdown the shady and unsanctioned gambling operation.

Evil Imms Getting Abused
Written by Wrilley  (1452 views)

Identity theft, defamation of character, laundering money for the drug cartels operating out of Florida, the Evil Imms are responsible for two of these things.

Daily Blessing or Daily Curse
Written by Malak  (2001 views)

There was recently a new addition called Daily Blessing.  While the masses love it, in reality it is going to be our end of days. 

Death's House In The Middle Of His Street
Written by Demaciado  (1407 views)

Questors keep up your guard, there are ghoulies about.

Pushing it to the Redline
Written by Danj  (1515 views)

Macross meets Wacky Races in this brilliant new feature-length anime.

Food Fads 2011
Written by VelvetLies  (1613 views)

If 3000 Quest Points seems like too high of a price for complete appetite control, you may want to try one of these contemporary diets.

Tasteless Humor
Top 10 Porn Parody Areas
Written by Morrolan  (1658 views)

Does this really need an intro? Just click it. Click it hard! Yes, Faster, faster, harder, harder!

Your Mom
Now with 300% more of your Blessing RDA!!!
Written by Fiendish  (1624 views)

Random, my ass. Life is just so unfair sometimes.


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