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August 9th: Our BIGGEST Issue Ever

They said it couldn't be done, and we laughed in their faces so you can laugh in ours.

January 21st Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to ChikityChina (41)!

Lasher's Secret Plan Revealed!
Written by The Operative  (1253 views)

The future of Aardwolf is now. Do YOU know where we're headed?

Top Ten
Top 10 Signs You're Addicted to Aardwolf
Written by TyTabor  (1400 views)

Have you been playing long enough to recognize some of these in yourself?

Health and Wellness
Written by VelvetLies  (1288 views)

It is estimated that hundreds of players across Aardwolf are affected by Hoarding. Could you be one of them? Local business owners believe they can help players take the first step to overcoming their compulsive retention habits.

New study finds dental hygiene at an all-time low
Written by Mandorallen  (1181 views)

A new study could explain why so many mobs are missing their teeth.

Deity Genocide
Written by Wrilley  (1119 views)

The most anticipated war in the history of the mud.

God on God bloodshed.
Which deity will prevail?
Op Ed
Wrilley Rant
Written by Wrilley  (3005 views)

The state of things as told by me.

The Wolf Whistle
Written by TyTabor  (1090 views)

Death Messages, Newbie Questions, Failed Raids. Not only can you NOT ignore them, you want to look and enjoy the misfortune of others. Look inside for more train wrecks.

Gaardian Celebrates
Written by VelvetLies  (1132 views)

We scoured our calendars and "credible" internet sources to find the right holiday for this issue's release. Here's what we found...

Written by Wrilley  (1088 views)

New areas popping up all over. Good for leveling, bad for the environment?

Division System for Clans
Written by Wrilley  (1274 views)

Sneak peek at the upcoming clan league system. Will your clan be promoted or relegated?

News (con't)
Crash caused by ferocious farmers! (maybe)
Written by Nehtor  (1102 views)

Nefarious elements of the underground gold earning establisment crashed Andolor intentionally!

Current Events
Mayor McCheese To Run For Mayor of Aylor
Written by Escobar  (1121 views)

In a stunning turn of events in McDonaldland, Mayor McCheese has turned in his letter of resignation, ending decades of stability in the bountiful town.

We've updated our website!
Written by Mandorallen  (1178 views)

We've cranked on the Wayback Machine and revived our past issues.

Written by VelvetLies  (1120 views)

Our source at the Department of Official Records and Notices can't comment further on the following happenings.

Consumer Reports
High Performance Style Guide
Written by Asereht  (1164 views)

Visiting style guru Pompon von Puffball reports the most popular trends.

Pondara Wish: Advanced Review
Written by Asereht  (1141 views)

A new wish is rumored to be advancing upon Aardwolf.

Cocktail Craze
Written by VelvetLies  (1164 views)

A new contest encourages adventurers to mix it up. Get ready for the brew-HAHAHA.


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