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Top 10
Top 10 Denied Article Requests
Written by VelvetLies  (1093 views)

We receive numerous requests to investigate claims, rumors, allegations, insinuations, implications, allusions, statements, queries, activities, coups, happenings and going-ons. 

The Aardlympic Games
Written by VelvetLies  (1052 views)

Aardlympic MUD wrestling? You bet! And more....

Current Events
Absolutely Stunning
Written by Mandorallen  (1079 views)

 Is stun overpowered? MUD experts claim "No!"

Current Events (con't)
Rewards suffer as Questors strike
Written by Trurien  (1079 views)

With the recent discussion of lengthening quest timers and campaign timers opened by Lasher to the general mudding public, Questors all around the world have decided to show their unhappiness by reducing or even cancelling quest rewards.

Gundam 00
Written by Danj  (996 views)

Back for a second season, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 picks up the story 4 years after the end of season one.

Players Demand New Lizard Racial Ability
Written by Caliandra  (961 views)

Lizard experts and self-proclaimed furries are concerned that without direct intervention from Lasher, the race could quickly become extinct.

New 'pwnedwhere' command introduced
Written by Wolfe  (969 views)

Following increasing demand from players, the latest boot of Aardwolf has introduced a new command - Pwnedwhere.

Generic, 'no frills' clan introduced to MUD
Written by Wolfe  (1027 views)

Following the spate of recent mergers, hostile takeovers and lack of leadership in some clans, it's becoming increasingly difficult for a player to choose a clan which isn't going to fold within a couple of weeks.


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