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Live the Literary Dream!


   Applications for membership are being accepted.

     We are a happy, NoPK clan that embraces many forms of humor and is centered around publishing an enjoyable Aardwolfian newspaper. While we don't have strict requirements about character levels, accomplishments or earnings, we compensate with a demand for passion and writing talent in our members. We screen our clannies through their application notes, conduct interviews and require article submissions to search for personality and mojo that will compliment our already stellar crew. Once successfully recruited into Gaardian, members will not be outcast due to inactivity.

  • Applications can be posted to Gaardian on the Personal Board. Please include a basic introduction and character history, along with any other information you feel is relevant. We will require at least one article submission during the recruiting process to be published in a future edition of the MidGaardian upon admittance.
  • We are primarily a satirical publication, but we aren't afraid to let our serious or sensitive sides show on occasion.
  • We hold our members and any alts they have accountable for adhering to the rules and policies of gameplay and conduct as they are presented in the Aardwolf helpfiles.


    We will accept a submission from the outside. We do not guarantee it will be published.

     If you have written an article you'd like to see in the MidGaardian without committing to full-time journalistic employment, you can send it in! You can also post it to Gaardian on the Personal Board. Quality submissions may earn writers a small honorarium along with the infamy of being a part of Aardwolf's premier newspaper. If, for any reason, we are unable to publish your article, an Editor will contact you.



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