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Tech Bloke Danj
Articles by Danj

Deadpool - In Cinemas FebruaryThe 2016 VD-Edition
Bad Neighbours - a movie reviewMother's Day Special
Dystopian Futures Contain Psycho-PassThe Spring Fever Issue
I Am The World Snake, JormungandThe World Continues Issue
Rinne no LagrangeLove and Laughter - Valentine's Day 2012
Pushing it to the RedlineThe September Issue
Recent Movie RoundupValentine's Day Edition
BRRRRRR-.......Summer Solstice 2010
Recent Game ReviewsSummer Solstice 2010
Recent Movies RoundupHappy New Year's 2010!
Basquash!Summer Solstice 2009 Issue!
The Girl Who Leapt Through SpaceMarch 2009 issue
Gundam 00Spooky sensationalism issue!
Macross FrontierMay 2008 issue
Anime Streaming Goes LegitV3 special issue
Gundam 00 - Licensed to ThrillFebruary 2008 issue
Schoolgirls are Aliens?!Christmas '07 issue
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3December '07 issue
Code-EJuly '07 issue
The New Face of CyberspaceJune '07 issue
Fandom of Space OperaMay '07 edition
Would You Like To See My Pianist?March '07 edition
Welcome to the NHK!Valentine's '07 edition
In Japan, Porn has a Plot?!Christmas 2006 Special Edition
Coyote Ragtime ShowSeptember 2006 edition
Project Blue Earth SOSAugust 2006 edition
Midgaard in Chaos after Sporting DefeatJuly 2006 edition
Final Fantasy XIIApril 2006 edition
ARIA The AnimationMarch 2006 edition
GantzFebruary 2006 edition
The Train ManOctober '05 edition

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