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February 24th: The 2016 VD-Edition

Never at the right time! Just like a case of VD. I mean, here's our Valentine's Day edition for your enjoyment! Hope you find the kind of VD you wanted - er, the cure for it, I mean - in this issue!

January 17th Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Broud (53), Spoke (40) and Thurin!

On the structure of Vanadium Deuterides: How computational chemistry can teach us something on Love
Written by Toast  (2169 views)

So many articles have been written on life and love. Can an unconventional approach to the subject using chemistry and computers lead to new insights?

How to Self-Motivate and Succeed at Everything
Written by Anne  (2063 views)

You look at others who seem wildly successful and accomplished,
feeling dismayed at their happiness. Who has time to work hard
like that? Who has the inner drive to accomplish anything? We have
found the answer...

Patient submitted to Canyon Hospital for VD
Written by Barkin  (2106 views)

 Patient with unknown symptoms shows up at the doorstep of Canyon Memorial. Possible New case of VD

Deadpool - In Cinemas February
Written by Danj  (1934 views)

This movie is shaping up to be a top tip for 14th February this year.

Solving the Problem of VD
Written by Cuzpasack  (1992 views)

VD gone wrong...

Entertainment (con't)
VD in Cloud City of Gnomalin
Written by Malak  (2017 views)

With Valentine’s Day or the big VD around the corner, excitement is present all around the mud.  This reporter decided to visit the wonderful Cloud City of Gnomalin to see what its citizens were doing to prepare for this.

Travel Series: Vale Destroyed
Written by Trurien  (2256 views)

Trapped in a jelly-like prison, and by now accustomed to the smell, I began to notice a buzzing in the background. They began to resolve themselves into murmurs, words I could understand.


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