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December 25th: Christmas 2006 Special Edition
June 25th Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Cadaver (49), Dionaea (35), Promal and Yavanna!

Aylor 131 Fashion Show presented by Midgaardian Publishing House
Written by Barkin  (1316 views)

With short deadlines and a dwindling staff (damn Holidays), this past month has been a busy one for the members of Gaardian.

In Japan, Porn has a Plot?!
Written by Danj  (1473 views)

Although they remain very much a niche market in the United States, erotic visual novels and adventure games are fairly big business in Japan.

Current Events
Santa Claus... Is Coming, Or Not?
Written by Trurien  (1255 views)

Citizens of Aylor have had to contend with many changes over the recent months, and one traditional visitor to the city this time of year has been noticeably absent.

Current Events (con't)
The coming of the Grinch?
Written by Josie  (1161 views)

A strange phenomenon has been found in the grand city of Aylor. The Christmas tree that was placed in the middle of the square was stolen and replaced with " A non-denominational celebratory image of the season sits inoffensively in the corner."

December Sudoku Challenger
Written by Mandorallen  (1228 views)

Jigsaw sudoku is back with a new holiday-themed jumble!

Puzzles (con't)
September Sudoku Challenger Solution
Written by Mandorallen  (1218 views)

Check out the solution to September's sudoku challenger and our fellow winners.

Halloween Blamed for New Holiday
Written by Nehtor  (1160 views)

Great-Bonfire-Day has been declared by shops across Aardwolf as they plan on competing with Christmas.


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