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July 4th: July 2006 edition
December 12th Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Roninleader (31), Sethril (38), Seuss (36), Stok (41) and Zam!

Midgaard in Chaos after Sporting Defeat
Written by Danj  (1314 views)

Riots erupted on the streets of Midgaard today as the Midgaardian soccer team crashed out of the Aardwolf Cup with an absolutely shambolic effort against the Western Continent team.

Written by Sergeant Aaron M. Gilbert  (1274 views)

In my life, I have had wanted nothing more than what I now am, a Marine.

Rumour Mill
Pacifist paper people possibly pondering PK
Written by Trurien  (1389 views)

With the departure of certain pacifist elements of the clan, rogue voices within Clan Midgaardian have begun a move to go PK. Rumours have it that the clan is planning to drop the 'mid' and just be known as 'The Gaardians'.

April Sudoku Mini-Challenger Solution
Written by Mandorallen  (1319 views)

Check out the solution to April's Sudoku mini-challenger.

Written by Mandorallen  (1355 views)

Recent clogging in the Gaardian restroom has resulted in excess water flooding into nearby offices.

Puzzles (con't)
Blink of an Eye
Written by Mandorallen  (1316 views)

Blast off this summer with the fastest trivia on this side of the ocean.

Aardwolf Summer Festival
Written by Mandorallen  (1387 views)

Gaardian will be hosting two contests for the Aardwolf Summer Festival '06 festivities this year.

Current Events
Pets versus People, the real PvP
Written by Nehtor  (1272 views)

A large uprising has begun in the ranks of adventurers' pets and charmed mobs.

Faerie Tales declares secession from list of areas
Written by Wolfe  (1331 views)

In a surprising move yesterday afternoon, the area formerly known as 'Faerie Tales'' has declared itself a sovereign nation separate from the rest of the MUD.

New Ordinance Is For the Dumps
Written by Barkin  (1367 views)

Just a couple short blocks south of  Market Square lies an eyesore that just keeps growing by leaps and bounds as new residents flock to our lovely town of Midgaard.  Trash.


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