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Sir Mandy Mandorallen
Nicknames: Mandy, Manny, Verrou, Winky, Odd Job

Mandy to some, and Manny to others, he is always seen stressing out over his ever-expanding to-do list. It is rumoured that for every item that he crosses out from his list, 45 new ones crop up in its place.

Mandorallen has become a philanthropist in his old Aardwolf age, and is constantly seeking new means of giving away all of his gold and TPs. If you have a great idea and require funding, please contact Mandorallen on the Personal board.

Articles by Mandorallen

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February Sudoku Challenger SolutionMarch '07 edition
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December Sudoku ChallengerChristmas 2006 Special Edition
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ClassifiedsDecember '05 edition
Sudoku ChallengerOctober '05 edition

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