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Ol' Dirty Fiendish
Nicknames: Fiend, jerkface, "Hey, asshole!", Our glorious leader twice risen

You don't have to like me; you just have to concede that I'm right.

Articles by Fiendish

A Night Out At Snooky'sThe World Continues Issue
Now with 300% more of your Blessing RDA!!!The September Issue
Of mice and MUD clients. Part 3.Gaardian's June 2011 Special Edition.
A RetractionMudder's Day 2009 issue
It's not that I don't WANT to!Mudder's Day 2009 issue
Of mice and MUD clients. Part 2 of some number.Mudder's Day 2009 issue
Of mice and MUD clients. Part 1 of some number.March 2009 issue
PenguinsMarch 2009 issue
The Long Arm of the LawMarch 2009 issue
Writing is easyHappy New Issue!
The Trynamic TrioAnniversary Issue!
You're boring and I hate you.Anniversary Issue!

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