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J Jonah Wolfe
Nicknames: The big british guy
Articles by Wolfe

Leaked recording from Imm meeting reveals new campaign changes "unlikely to be whined about"The Spring Fever Issue
Santa Claus "Dreading Next Month"A Taste of Fall
Aardwolf announces new monthly subscription chargesHappy New Issue!
Shelf life of assholes continues to decrease, experts sayHappy New Issue!
Generic, 'no frills' clan introduced to MUDSpooky sensationalism issue!
New 'pwnedwhere' command introducedSpooky sensationalism issue!
Valentine's EditorialValentine's '07 edition
Fresh Inquest into Cemetary Corruption claimsSeptember 2006 edition
Players awake to find last 8 years 'just a dream'August 2006 edition
Faerie Tales declares secession from list of areasJuly 2006 edition
Those clans which didn't make it: A brief guideApril 2006 edition
Xeno appointed Imm, Ex-Imms relax somewhatMarch 2006 edition
Undead proved 'Urban Myth' by leading philosopherFebruary 2006 edition
Mobile Amalgamated Union stages third lightning-strike walkoutNew Year's 2006 Spectacular
Wolfe calls accusations of vanity publishing "Blindingly Obvious"December '05 edition
New Automap system fails to indicate arse, elbow, for many playersNovember '05 edition
Remnants of Founder discovered in Gaardian basementNovember '05 edition
Impending nukes threaten global warming, experts warnMarch 2003 edition
Calls rise for Imms to curb LOL emissionsJanuary 2003 edition
Existence of God finally disproved on Gossip channelJanuary 2003 edition
Investigations into Bard's Order continueJanuary 2003 edition
Weight of gold in Midgaard Bank threatens to destroy worldJanuary 2003 edition
Bremen remains 'unconvincing' as Shadokil AssassinDecember 2002 edition
New research shows lasting psychological harm to 'Quad' usersDecember 2002 edition
Non-Alt, Non-Super Newbie creates, causes uproarDecember 2002 edition
Players start hanging around down of recall, "Just in Case"December 2002 edition
Shadokil revealed to be front for Tanelorn world domination plansDecember 2002 edition

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