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January 9th: New Year's 2006 Spectacular
October 17th Birthday Alert: There are no Aardwolf birthdays happening today.

Mobile Amalgamated Union stages third lightning-strike walkout
Written by Wolfe  (1039 views)

In a move which has dismayed players across the world, The Mobile Amalgamated Union (MAU) has staged yet another strike after breakdown of negotiations with the Imms yesterday.

Dharivian Cube species faces extinction
Written by Indecision  (1006 views)

A dire end awaits the Dharivian Gelatinous Cube, research biologists in the Dharivian area report: the cubes face extinction within 31.5 million ticks.

No more skies (part 2 of Searching the Skies)
Written by Nehtor  (1004 views)

A recent high speed painter noticed one of the alleged sky people's ships and painted it as evidence.

Current Events
Scandalous house fight!
Written by Nehtor  (1003 views)

Last evening, authorities received a complaint from a private residence.

Red and Yellow and loving it!
Written by Wispen  (1033 views)

With the year coming to an end, the Fashionista of Aardwolf all collectively hold their breaths in anticipation of what trend the mud will follow in the new year.

December Sudoku Challenger Solution
Written by Mandorallen  (1087 views)

The solution to last month's sudoku challenger is revealed within!

Puzzles (con't)
Orchard AQ results
Written by Mandorallen  (1080 views)

In this issue, we announce the winners and the solution of the Orchard Area Quest.

January Sudoku Challenge
Written by Mandorallen  (1065 views)

Be warned, this month's sudoku is a real challenge!

Inflation Woes: 2 Cents No Longer Enough
Written by Bernicus  (1021 views)

Rising inflation in Aardwolf has had an affect on the free trade of information.

January Horoscopes!
Written by Meleana  (973 views)

Your forecast for your AardLife this year awaits you.


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