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Bernicus is happy to be back for his second tour of duty, or as he calls it, "indentured servitude."

Articles by Bernicus

Aardwolf Fiscal Cliff LoomingThe World Continues Issue
Aardwolf Real Estate to be Razed to Make Way for Faerie Tales IIISummer Solstice 2010
Aardwolf Rejoices at the Addition of Another Bland, Themeless ClanApril 2006 edition
Inflation Woes: 2 Cents No Longer EnoughNew Year's 2006 Spectacular
Emerald Rocked by Fall Festival ScandalNovember '05 edition
Powerful Brotherhood Emerges: Who Are They?November '05 edition
Gaardian Rids Office of Reptile InfestationOctober '05 edition
Xunti Sacrifice Revealed to be “Impure”October '05 edition
Architect Found Intoxicated on Resident’s DoorstepThe Missing Issue
Gaardian Seeks to Upgrade LeadershipThe Missing Issue

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