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Ivar's Secret Love Affair
Written by Marahar

As amazing as it sounds, Ivar has a secret love affair.  The Hawt Chix0r’s were not enough for the indomitable mob of the mud.  Feeling that he needed more, Ivar has moved onto players.  In a secret meeting with DarkTears, it was revealed that Tela was the other side of this torrid affair.

It was an amazing revelation to find out that Tela and Ivar were having a secret affair under the noses of players, mobs, and Immortals alike.  Questions abounded about this affair.  As this reporter began to dig into this issue, another source came forward with reliable evidence to back up the accusations.  This reporter tracked down the only know source to have pictures of the liaison.  Through a handy Giggle search, this reported was able to find a website containing pictures and videos of Tela and Ivar in several secluded locations throughout the mud.  When questioned as to why the website existed, the response was, “I needed the money to get through Aardwolf U, if you have any problems with it, you fund my scholarship.”

After some careful negotiations between Ivar, Tela, DarkTears and Lornaco (the website’s proprietor), the website was brought down before further incriminating evidence could be brought forward.  The pictures and video were carefully disposed of to ensure that there would be no further leaks.  After all this was accomplished, the hush money, trivia points and blank chaos portals were deposited into other sources accounts; those involved had to be questioned to find out the truth behind this love affair.  

Ivar was very non-committal in his answers, and only responded to questions with, “If I were a bird, high in the sky, I'd fly over Midgaard, and $|-|17 in your eye”.  Tela refused to comment, even when evidence was brought to light that she may be carrying Ivar’s love child.  After all this was brought forward, the original two sources gave very vague details of the events or even who was involved.

Now that this information is out, perhaps a full investigation can be launched into the love affair before similar scandals occur.  Maybe now Ivar will think more before going beyond his mob programming.

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