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Cinco de Mayo
A Special Top Ten
Written by VelvetLies

the first shot is for no more alarm clock.

the second shot is for losing track of which day it is.

the third shot is for remembering to qcomplete after qmob has been killed.

the fourth shot is for, "hey, I'm gonna get five levels today....or maybe just this week."

the fifth shot is for actually responding to tells (coherency not guaranteed).

the sixth shot is for, "sure I'll group. That sounds great."

the seventh shot is for, "sorry, man. Good luck with your CR. I gotta go."

the eighth shot is for, "who BUILT this area??"

the ninth shot is for, "how did noexp get turned on?? How much double experience did I waste?!.....oh, nevermind, that's just what 8K tnl feels like."

and the tenth shot is for you. Enjoy the worm. And, drop your pants, you're coming home with me and my warhorse tonight.

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