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Written by Mandorallen
Name: Papier-Mâché


Throughout the festival.
Final submissions accepted until 11pm July 22 Saturday.


Hosted by: Barkin, Mandorallen


Full Description:
Recent clogging in the Gaardian restroom has resulted in excess water flooding into nearby offices. Complaints about an infestation of frogs, and now the added moisture, have made several Gaardian employees reluctant to come to work.


The Gaardian Editor-in-Chiefs would like assistance in cleaning up this mess: they have found that paper absorbs quite a goodly amount of water and would like to cover up as much of the place using all the paper they can get their hands on. Unfortunately, once all the toilet paper was consumed, the Archivist adamantly refused to part with the piles of unread copies, shouting out blasphemy at the thought of good paper going to waste.


Your task then, should you accept it, is to turn in as many items (preferably in a single bag) that have anything to do with paper: anything that contains the word 'paper', is made with paper, or has text on it (such as some of the guides) are all fair game. All bags should be presented to Mandorallen before the Summer Festival is over.


Contestants will be scored based on the number of unique valid items submitted, and possibly, some creativity.


Full details will be available on the Games board before the Festival begins.


First place will be awarded 3 Trivia Point tokens.
Second place will be awarded 2 Trivia Point tokens.
Third place will be awarded 1 Trivia Point token.
A possible 1,000,000 gold will be given to the most creative entry.

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