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Blink of an Eye
Written by Mandorallen
Name: Blink of an Eye

Game Dates
09am July 16 Sunday
10pm July 21 Friday
Other times to be announced later.


Hosted by: Mandorallen


Full Description:
Blast off this summer with the fastest trivia on this side of the ocean. Trivia questions covering a wide variety of topics, both MUD-related and off, will be spammed on Gametalk during the dates announced. Please keep your browser closed as Google will not be needed.


All issuing and judging of questions and answers will be automated to ensure fairness and consistency. This means that spelling does count and variations in answers will be considered beforehand. Should the bot break down before or during the trivia, more blinking will be required on behalf of the contestants.


Trivia will end as soon as the hour is up, or no more questions remain to be asked.


Full details will be available on the Games board before the trivia begins.


First place will be awarded 5 Trivia Point tokens.
Second place will be awarded 3 Trivia Point tokens.
Third place will be awarded 2 Trivia Point tokens.
Consolation prizes of 1,000,000 gold each will be awarded to contestants who finished fourth or fifth place.
A booby prize of 500,000 gold will be awarded to the contestant who manages to get the lowest number of points without being tied to anyone.

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