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New Ordinance Is For the Dumps
Written by Barkin
Just a couple short blocks south of  Market Square lies an eyesore that just keeps growing by leaps and bounds as new residents flock to our lovely town of Midgaard.  Trash.  Tons of trash keeps piling up at the city Dump.  In hopes to have a new day dawn in Midgaard and have all appear fresh and clean, City Officials have implemented a new citywide ordinance that requires ALL residents to start recycling.  Yes, recycling.  Some top research lab located somewhere said that almost 75% of all household trash is recyclable.  That would reduce the influx of trash tremendously and after careful deliberation, the Wolf Administration decided that this would be the best course of action.

Some of those polled around Main Street loved the idea so much that they ran up and gave me warm and loving huggles.  After several of these, I was starting to see that the current elected officials made a smart choice for once.  But of course there are those lazy citizens that just piss and moan about everything. “That will be too much trouble” “Separate my trash into separate bins? You’re crazy!” and it just got worse from there.  But after a brief explanation, recycle or increase taxes to pay people to do it for them, they started to see the light.

Overall, City Officials believe after the initial transition period (a month or so), people will start to understand and see the reduction of trash as they cruise past the city Dump, Promenade, and City Park.  And in the end, all that really matters is keeping Midgaard clean and beautiful for future generations to come.

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