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WELP Better Know a Helper: Chich
Written by Snooky

I recently sat down with Chich, a rather new member of the Helper team for a few pints at Ivar's...ugh...Pub.
Here's how it went down.


You say 'So, tell me a little bit about yourself.'

Chich says 'I've been actively playing aard the past 2 years. Actually, it should be longer, but i forgot my old PW, so theres that....'
Chich says 'I hate CP-ing, love leveling, and never have enough questpoints, heh.'
Chich says 'Usually I play during work hours, and I live in Singapore - 12 hours ahead of US time usually'
Chich smirks 'Go ahead and ask me questions :P'

You ask 'How would you describe your particular brand of help? I've often heard you described as a "meat and potatoes" type of helper. Is that true?'

Chich asks 'Hmm... Sorry, could you define what's a meat and potatoes type
of helper?'

You say 'Pretty much just like mom used to make. Warm, comforting, and fills your belly right.'

Chich says 'heh'

You ask 'Is that you?'

Chich says 'Yeah, I'd say thats me, yes. I like to keep my answers short and concise. The simpler for them to understand, the better. Leave out all the complicated stuff for now.'

You ask 'Playstation or XBox?'

Chich says 'PS for sure'

You ask 'Should Trump build the wall?'

Chich says 'Definitely. It keeps the rest of us safe.'

You ask 'How do you feel about the Helper staff? Are some of them jerks? Want to name any names for me?'

Chich says 'Well, I've not seen any jerkish helpers, but pleid and metria are interesting.'

You ask 'How about Shaelynne? Is she even a person do you think?'

Chich smirks 'Heh... Definitely an automated answering machine. :P'

You ask 'Do you guys ever play pranks on the Advisor staff? Ya know, stuff 'em in lockers and take their lunch money kind of stuff?'

Chich says 'Nope, not yet. I mean, I'm still the new guy, so they hardly know me.'

You ask 'Have you read the Graffiti in this room?'
(Ed. note: It reads, "
https://fiendish.github.io/SnookysPub/     - Fiendish, Thu Nov  2 13:01:21 2017")

Chich says 'Now that you've mentioned, I just did and looked up the site.'
Chich sulks 'You must have done some bad stuff to get removed. :('

You leer 'Well, that depends on who you ask.'
You ask 'But we'll save that for another time. I think we're ready to wrap this up. Anything else you want to add?'

Chich says 'Nope'

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