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WELP Better Know a Helper: Metria
Written by Snooky

You tell Metria 'What is the most helpful thing youve ever done?'

Metria tells you 'Excuse me?

You tell Metria 'On a scale of 1-10 how helpful would you describe yourself as?'


You tell Metria 'Can you help me?'

Metria tells you 'With what?'

You tell Metria 'Answering my questions... If your help was an animal what would it be and why?

*five minutes pass with no response*

You tell Metria 'Uhhh dude. Hello?'

Metria tells you 'Will you piss off?'

You tell Metria 'Someones getting a bad review'

Metria tells you 'Oh no. Whatever will I do.'


Very very unhelpful!

A side note, he wouldn't even remind me what the command was to check my tell history.

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