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The secret to Snooky's newfound wealth
Written by Mandorallen

Since Snooky's revival on Aardwolf earlier last month, the MUD has been abuzz with questions about how the reincarnated player who just started on November 1st has been able to amass such significant wealth in such a short period of time. A quick check on whois revealed fewer than 100 quests completed, and a handful of mobs slaughtered, so how did he do it? How does he bid hundreds of millions on level 200 collectible items that he would never need?

Is it magic? Did the proprietor of Snooky's Pub simply luck out on the Aardwolf lottery several dozen times in a row? The answer is no. However, Snooky's arrival conspicuously coincided with the introduction of a scorching hot (we're talking miasmic-level) currency: Aardcoin.

Aardcoin, the newest cryptocurrency to hit the markets has been skyrocketing since its inception. Unlike previous gold transfers from player to player which are logged and have led to large mushroom clouds appearing over the Aylorian skyline, the new digital currency - much like its other counterparts - are completely untraceable. These coins, forged from the Is it magic? Did the proprietor of Snooky's Pub simply luck out on the Aardwolf lottery several dozen times in a row?broken spirits of forsaken T9 players, have been hotly traded on the underground market. Snooky's banker, with honed instincts and acumen over the years, quickly picked up on the trend and accumulated a horde of Aardcoins for next to nothing. Fast forward to today, and those coins are worth billions.

Cue the second (or is it the tenth?) coming of Snooky. With less than a month's time spent on the MUD, Snooky is already thinking of better ways to invest his hard-earned coins other than level 1 garbage cans. In addition to paying his stockers a 500K weekly stipend for keeping his pub filled with booze (and to satisfy the demands of hungry saccers), Snooky has grand visions of expanding beyond Aylor into nearby manor areas. Keep an eye out for ornate fountains cropping up around the MUD that showcase Snooky's newest craft beer. 

If you'll excuse me, I have a dice-rolling appointment at an imaginary camp somewhere in the Continent of Mesolar.

At the time of this writing, Mandorallen was last seen in a long line of applicants for a stocking position at Snooky's Pub.

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