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The Batcatcher*
*Not intended for catching bats.
Written by VelvetLies

     There's something to be said about the beauty in the elegance of mechanical precision. When that precision causes us to lose a Global Quest, many of the things said would appear as jumbled symbols once our censors finished with them if we tried to publish them here. So, in the effort to slow down the artificially intelligent, we first saw the misplaced period. In another context, a misplaced period could be cause for great alarm to you or your siginificant other's health, especially if one or both of you are male and ended up with a period you shouldn't have.

   Fortunatey, that solution was replaced with the more favored random typo that sent adventurers off to kill such fun mobs like * a pit scrubber in Wedded Bliss and naptain Blackbeard in the Misty Shoes of Yarr. This solution is only favored until you have to go kill * a grom in Zangar's .Demonic Grotto. But, the question on the minds of the naturally intelligent(ish) or at least human(ish), remains - is one typo enough to slow down a clever search and destroy script that can execute a best match or some other fancy coding vocabulary I'm not qualified to use AND be passed around like a bad case of what that one cute chick calls her 'Social Disease'?

     Some experts have said that the finest quality bots could easily overcome this tiny obstacle, yet even they agree it's still worth waiting for the magical typos, such as the inevitable day * a magnificent buck in the Plains of Nulan'Boar is generated with a perfectly placed 'f' typo. Likely, a bot will win that global quest as well, but at least appreciation of the joke will be reserved for the humans and hopefully no one spreads anything incurable in conquering that particular target.

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