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How to Self-Motivate and Succeed at Everything
On behalf of verydoable.com
Written by Anne
Everyone gets depressed from time to time.  Your friends, your coworkers.
Even you.  You look at others who seem wildly successful and
accomplished, feeling dismayed at their happiness.  Who has time to work
hard like that?  Who has the inner drive to accomplish anything?  We have
found the answer, and it's not cocaine.
One simple question will end your worry, or lack therof.  One question can
kickstart your engine.  One question can breathe new life into your....life.
When I am in my darkest corner, doing absolutely nothing and bitching
about it at the same time, I ask myself this question:
What Would Buffy Do?(TM)
That's right, this amazing new formula (patent pending) is the key to
everything in your life!
"I'm thirsty."  What should I do, you ask yourself.  Sometimes you'll just
sit and think about how far away the water is.  I'll tell you what you should
do. You should ask You, too, can have this power.yourself in a great (maybe British) inner voice, "What
Would Buffy Do?(TM)"
I don't know what she'd do, you have to ask yourself to find out.
The suspense is palpable and real. Want to know what I do know, though?
The answer will come, and it will call you to action like never before.
Whatever it is Buffy would do, you should also do.  This amazing question
helped the Slayer herself prevent the end of the world on many occasions.
It got her laid by more than one vampire.  It got her a powerful lesbian witch
friend.  You, too, can have this power.  Imagine the feeling of accomplishment
you can achieve just by gaining a single level, doing a single quest, or
buying scrabble pieces and getting quest points without even questing!
Please contact Gaardian for help obtaining the proper WWBD?(TM) training
kit for maximum results.  Only 3 billion gold per package, for a limited time.

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