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Patient submitted to Canyon Hospital for VD
Written by Barkin

Early yesterday morning an unknown patient was dumped at the steps of Canyon Hospital with unusual symptoms.  Jeremy, an exam technician, commented that the patient was severely ill, could not hold anything down and had a glazed look in his eyes.  According to Candice, the receptionist, Dr. Ulamnonon was able to get the patient stable and is currently running tests to find the exact cause of his illness.

My sources from inside the hospital confirm that the patient is in stable condition.  They have also confirmed that the doctors are baffled by what is wrong.  One doctor was overheard saying that the symptoms did not match any known illness.  They also confirmed the decision to have a specialist, Dr. Imlinano, flown in to help figure out what is wrong with the patient.

Just an hour ago, Candice said that AND don’t forget the chocolate, please don’t forget the chocolate.Dr. Imlinano was trying to find Dr. Ulamnonon to return the lab results.  She seemed very optimistic that the doctor had found what was wrong.  She did assure me that the problem was not too serious.

After the doctors put their heads together, they came to the conclusion that the patient had a severe case of VD.  Valentine’s Day!  The doctors gathered that the cause of the glazed look was from looking for that perfect card for his wife, the rapid heartbeat was caused by thinking of his beautiful wife, and not being able to hold anything down was because he could not stand to be away from his sweet love.

So if you start to feel any of these symptoms, run home, grab your spouse and hold her tightly and tell her you love her.  AND don’t forget the chocolate, please don’t forget the chocolate.

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