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Deadpool - In Cinemas February
A perfect Valentine's Day movie
Written by Danj

So as you can see from this image Deadpool looks like it will be THE romantic movie of the year, making it your best selection to go and see on Valentine's Day (whether you have a significant other or not).

Featuring the talents of Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin among others, you're sure to be thrilled and dazzled by the events of this movie. Another cameo from Stan Lee (practically a requirement for films these days, it seems!) is bound to throw a few laughs in there too.

After An emotional rollercoaster you'll want to see againa devastating and traumatic event, this is the heartwarming story of one man's struggle to rebuild his life and get the record set straight - with plenty of high-jinks ensuing along the way!

A gripping storyline makes this an emotional rollercoaster you'll want to see again and again!

Deadpool is out 10th February in the UK, 12th February in the USA. Support your local cinema by buying a ticket! But seriously, go and see it on Valentine's Day, it'll be awesome.


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