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Solving the Problem of VD
Misinterpreted Messages Gone Wrong
Written by Cuzpasack

It was a beautiful, scenic drunken day over in the Land of the Beer Goblins. Considering the occasion, one would assume this experience could only be simplified with the abundance of alcohol.

As soon as I walked into the town entrance, a guard comes rushing up to me.

Sergeant LaPena asks 'hello Cuzpasack, have you come to help us with our VD problem?'

I reply, "Problem with love eh? Ol'' Cuzpasack has plenty of love to go around."

Sergeant LaPena says 'love...I don't know if love will fix this problem...some residents need some help, please go to their homes to ask'.

As Sergeant LaPena went wandering off, I decided to go amuse myself. As I wandered towards the residential section of town, another person approached me.

Tyshina Hulerian says 'the problem is in the house to the east, please go ask them how you can help'.

Before I could reply, Tyshina wandered off. Not sure what else to do, I figured I'd go check it out. As soon as I entered the residence, I was surrounded by what appeared to be a family. As I was looking for the bedroom, the mother of the household rushes up to me.

a parent says 'quick run east, our children are having trouble with the VD as you speak, if you can get fix this problem we will be forever grateful'.

Befuddled by this, I figured I'd go check it out. As I wandered east, I came across a child and a dog.

A screaming child exclaims 'help A screaming child exclaims 'help help help the VD is about to attack me!'help help the VD is about to attack me!'

A dog says 'wuff wuff wuff *growl*'

The dog then turned its attention towards me. I glared at the dog and thought 'you want some of Cuzpasack?' The dog and myself then engaged in a battle to the death... 

<30 minutes later>

A dog is slain by a final deadly slash!!

You get 23 gold coins from the hacked corpse of a dog. 

While surprised that a mutt was carrying around money, I figured my real reward was soon to come. As I went back inside the home, the family was all cuddled up around the child who I apparently saved from that dog. I stood there for a few minutes, waiting for some manner of response but they seemed completely oblivious to my presence. Disgruntled, I walked out the door.

As soon as I stepped off their lawn, Sergeant LaPena came rushing up to me excitedly.

Sergeant LaPena says 'thanks for getting rid of that Villified Dog... it had been terrorizing that home for so long we didn't know what to do'

I just stared at LaPena with a blank expression.

Sergeant LaPena says 'we don't have much here, but if there's anything I can do for you as a reward for your efforts, please let me know'

After much thought and consideration....

Sergeant LaPena is slain by a final deadly slash!!

You get 10 gold coins from the hacked corpse of Sergeant LaPena.

Well... at least I got 33 gold from this whole ordeal.

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