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VD in Cloud City of Gnomalin
VD or not VD
Written by Malak

(G) A gnomish engineer tinkers with a clamp on the airship here.

You ask 'hello good sir, are you ready for the big VD?'

A gnomish engineer boggles, "Who tightened this screw?!"

Well, that is a very good question, I’m not sure what he is thinking about when I talk about VD but I decided to move on to someone higher up the food chain. 

The boss of that confused engineer would be the operation’s manager Narib.  I found him in his office and decided to ask him what he thought.

You ask 'hello Narib, thank you for your time, what are you and your employees doing to celebrate the big VD, perhaps there is a Mr or Mrs. Narib you have special plans with?'

Narib says, "Docking Bay 5 has been having some unusual trouble lately..."

You ask ‘What do you mean?’

You make Narib say 'you might find your VD there is all I am saying'

Well, I still am not sure what they mean but I decided to go to docking bay 5 to investigate how they are going to celebrate VD.  I found a few engineers and an attractive co-pilot in docking bay 5.  I didn’t notice anything specific with the décor so I decided to inquire of the pilot.

You ask 'hello handsome pilot, do you have any plans for VD?'

An airship co-pilot asks, "Think you can get through me?"

You ask 'I have "Medicating the VD away"no idea what you mean by that..do you have any plans to celebrate the big VD this year?'

You make an airship co-pilot say 'I am taking medication, keep your voice down I don't want the engineers to know'

Well then, that doesn’t sound like a happy VD to me at all.  It sounds like he will be spending it alone with “medication”.  Perhaps he is drinking his VD away this year.  I am respecting the privacy of his engineers since they don’t read this publication!  I decided to ask one more person in this city before I gave up hope.  I found the governor in his mansion and decided if anyone would have a plan for the city it would be him. 

You ask 'hello Governor, what is the city going to be doing about VD this year?'

You make the Governor of Gnomalin exclaim 'what...how dare you, that is a private matter!  Don't you say a word to the citizens about this.  You need to leave immediately!'

Well, there you have it readers.  Gnomalin appears to be in a bad place this year.  Multiple citizens expressed dealing with VD privately.  They seemed to want it kept a secret.  It’s a shame since they all could celebrate VD together!  Perhaps next year they will celebrate it as a community instead of secretly with their “medications”.

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