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Unchained Melodies
Written by Barkin

 Last Friday Authorities say they received a call from Heath in the Art of Melody.  Heath informed them that someone had stolen his priceless painting.  Sources close to the investigation say they are taking things serious and have a few suspects.

Sophia, a male cleaner, and two musicians have been detained for questioning in the theft of the painting.  Each suspect was question in turn to no avail.  Sources say Sophia refused Ya, Ya, That painting is priceless. Ya, Sure it is....to say anything, she just looked sternly and everyone, the cleaner smelled awful, like he does nothing all day but sit on the toilet and day dream, and the two musicians did nothing but hum an eerie tune while floating around the questioning room.

 Rumor has it that the stolen priceless painting is nothing more than a miss placed portrait.  But until the investigation is over and the painting is found it is just that…RUMORS.

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