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Letter Shortage Impending!
Written by Morrolan

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. How many times have we heard that some person forecasted the future and got it wrong? That 640K would be enough for anyone? That 4 billion IP addresses would be enough? That we would have enough renewable energy before running out of petroleum reserves? That a dozen pizzas will be enough for a group of software programmers? No, these estimates were all wrong as history has proven. The current shortage in crisis is a small, but elite group of letters. These letters get you high scores in Scrabble (tm) precisely because of their heretofore limited usage. Yes, the letters J, X and Z.

Times have changed. The J letter has always been a common letter for names, owing to ancient traditions, but now has shown increased popularity due to South African phrases. No one, of course, can forget the 90's s to z transformation visible on so many l33t pages, Warez and Bratz and the like. We're not sure where the X phenomenon came from, but we suspect it has something to do with online usernames and needing to stand out, like xXmYlIttLEpOnYXx or something like that. Our last 2 interns Brought to you by the letters "eks" and "s"we sent out to investigate never returned. 

I urge everyone to start rationing now! If we run out of these letters that are in such a short supply, think what it will do to our beloved Alphabet Song - it won't match the tune! The Horror! Substitution is the key. I have some reasonable suggestions on how you, yes, YOU, can support the cause. Any time you want to use a J, use a G instead. Gohn Gacob Ginglemeyer Schmidt. See how easy that is? For Z, just go back to using an S. It's not hard. It's only difficult in typical phrases like, "Did you see the Sebras at the Soo?" People understand. For X, we debated using so many letters to define one, but have decided that it only makes sense: "eks" The K may be endangered later, but is not a concern today. The eks marks the spot! I have a boks of loks!  

Here on Aard, we strongly suggest changing player names to more letter friendly names. Sorry, Dekster and Deks (Dekseks?) Eks-a-Eks-s, you are right out. It only costs 2 trivia points, but think of the letters you can save in notes and channels. Please, think of the children.



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