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Love is in the Air
Written by Morrolan

As Valentine's Day approaches, thoughts turn to love and romance, flowers and chocolate. Here on Aardwolf, a new policy is being introduced that will surely satisfy all of Cupid's devotees.

Aardwolf has been ahead of the curve, legalizing same gender marriages and even cross-breeds, if you're in to that sort of thing. Logically, the next progression should be towards polygamy and polyandry. Why should one be limited to a single spouse? Isn't there enough love to go around? Can you really put a limit on romance?

Turns out, yes you can! Lasher is imposing a 30 spouse Isn't there enough love to go around?limit for the sake of resources. One for each day of the month should satisfy most people. Naturally, all spouses of a single character are considered to be spouses of each other. Normal marriage costs will be required for each marriage, but a single ceremony can be performed for larger families on the stage in the Palace of Song.

When asked for comment, Escobar told me he was planning to marry his entire friend list so that he can persuade the implementors to create a Popularity 2 wish.

Marriage to pets, mobs and inanimate objects is still on the drawing board.

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