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New department store to open in downtown Aylor
Written by Mandorallen

AYLOR - A massive department store will be opening next month in downtown Aylor. Commissioned by Ivar Enterprises, Inc. and situated a few steps southwest of the Grandmarket Boulevard, the new department store - ironically also named Ivar's - will feature brand-name apparel, accessories and footwear for all races and classes.

Several prominent designers, such as Pompon von Puffball will be featured in private boutiques, which are on a floor all on their own. There you will find delightful and rare treasures that will surely be worth the price.

The ninth floor of this gargantuan store is not accessible by stairs or elevators. Instead, only sprites and vampires (and anyone who has opted to purchase a pair of wings) will be able to reach the ninth floor, high above the clouds. Fly potions will be offered at refreshment stands distributed on the eighth and ninth floors for those who need a helping (uplifting) hand.

As with all new area changes, many residents along FaerieFog and GreyAsh will find themselves suddenly homeless as soon as the next Ice Age kicks in. Even Yvan Park, one of the city's few remaining green spots, will need to be uprooted to make room for the new department store.

The Vankoliche household was particularly upset upon hearing about this The department store - ironically named Ivar's - will feature brand-name apparel, accessories and footwear for all races and classesincoming change. "I don't see why they have to bulldoze our manor just so these fictitious 'female players' can go on shopping sprees."

When it was revealed that the women's section alone would add another 200 explorable rooms to the Grand City of Aylor, several other citizens and adventurers had similar sentiments. In comparison, the entire men's department, which features discounted used boots and refurbished Axes of Aardwolf could have been crammed into a single stall along Grandmarket Boulevard.

For good or for ill (but most likely the latter, wherever Ivar is involved), the construction of the new department store will be completed by the end of November. We have received word that the opening day will be held on the first week of December, just in time for some last-minute Christmas shopping. Dreamfyre was even seen preparing the displays that will appear in the ground floor windows.

As a bonus incentive to early shoppers, the first 150 customers will receive a complimentary Tote Bag of Aardwolf, a handy little bag that will be owned by the player and comes with a healthy +9 boost to dexterity- much needed on long shopping trips to Ivar's.

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