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The Next Generation of Technology
Smaller is Better
Written by Morrolan

Mobile MUD users have taken things to the next level. No longer content to navigate through the city of Aylor and outside realms on the 2 by 3 inch screen of a mobile phone, they have pushed the edge of technology and begun playing Aardwolf on wristwatches. Here's what some early adopters have been saying;

"It took some getting used to at first, but now I'm so addicted to it I had to buy a cell phone so I could tell what time it is!"

"Sure, Who reads room descriptions anymore?you can only see like 4 characters at one time, but who reads room descriptions anymore?"

"I've got one with the MUSHclient on it, but it only has enough memory for 2 aliases, so of course I chose c for cyberwuv and i for inorite."

Stay tuned for the next feat of technology when MUDs go full telepathic and we can finally see into the mind of players like Escobar and Starling. On second thought...

Head back for more!

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