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Aardwolf Real Estate to be Razed to Make Way for Faerie Tales III
Written by Bernicus

The Aylorian Planning Council made the controversial decision today to demolish Aardwolf Real Estates. In recent years, vacancy has been approaching close to seventy-five percent as more and more players are leaving their manors empty.  Squatters have taken over many of the decrepit buildings, and looting and vandalism run rampant.    Experts disagree as to the cause of these vacancies, but the consensus is that Daoine is somehow involved.

When asked to comment, council member Artemis Flizywag made the following remarks, "Why did we do this?  Because there's no one living there anymore.  When was the last time real estate was sold, 10 years ago?  Everyone either left or deleted.  Have you seen the vermin that hang around there?  It's the second biggest disgrace to Aard."  When pressed for further explanation, Flizywag stated, "The biggest disgrace?  Themeless clans."  Flizywag was observed leaving the scene with a bag full of trivia points and a very shiny looking heart mirror earring.

The long-rumored Faerie Tales III area is set to replace the the demolished Aardwolf Real Estates.  Information regarding this project has been scarce, but an anonymous source was willing to provide Gaardian with a few details.  It is now known that the area quest will involve answering a series of questions such as "On an average day, how many singing mice are killed?", "Name every prince in Faerie Tales II" and "What color was I thinking about today?"  Every mob will be neutral, so as to promote unbiased leveling.

Citron could not be reached for comment.

Sources indicate that the Planning Council had previously investigated the feasibility of placing a Wal-Mart on the Aardwolf Real Estates location.  However, once the Curse of the Midnight Fens came into existence, the Council decided that the Wal-Mart would be redundant.



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