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Gnome opens bot shop: a complete success
Popularity could be cause for nuclear meltdown
Written by Mandorallen

AYLOR. On GreyAsh Alley, near Darksoil Path, and just south of the Grandmarket Boulevard, one gnome has set up Aylor's most unique boutique yet: a bot shop.

Errpen Nukewinkle, of the Tinkers' Guild, began his venture early last week with a small assortment of hand-made porcelain bots. These cleverly assembled bots were made to automate the mundane commands players faced on a day-to-day basis. One of the earlier models made potion shopping trips a breeze, whisking players about town from one destination to the next.

By the end of the week, word had spread like a ranger's forestfire, and Errpen was facing more orders than he could possibly fill. From cleaning levelling gear to making a goodberry jam sandwich, players demanded it all. Bots that auto re-bid on outbid lauction items was a hugely requested item, with the most canny and cunning He's had a knack for running things by illegal.being a combined network of bots. Whenever an area was cleared out, one of these bots would log in a superhero shaman to cast 'summon life', ensuring an endless supply of mobile carnage.

Since then, Nukewinkle's shop has exploded in popularity, catching the attention of Andoloran celebrities and T9s alike. Just around the corner of GreyAsh in Yvan Park, the locals are celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a fabulous display of fireworks and player nuking festivities.

Ekima, Chairman of the Expo Committee, wrinkled his eyes when asked about Errpen's latest venture. "We've always had our eye on Nukewinkle," chuckled Ekima. "He's had a knack for running things by illegal."

"Interestingly enough, second-hand bots aren't proving to be very popular with the players," comments Errpen. "One can only wonder why."

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