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Equipment Road Show
Written by TyTabor

In today's installment, we've invited players of every sort, even the dwarves, to come and have us appreciate their treasured equipment. To be sure, everyone has the ability to identify, but only we at E.R.S. can class-i-fy and separate the mundane from the truly spellbinding.

Ah, here's the first fellow from the queue. It's triton remort named Satrin*. Oh, he's made quite a name for himself. Let's see what he has to offer!

He rummages around in his Satchel and brings out a glowing light.

Skeptically, we ask him, "You brought us a hallowed light? Really?"

"Yeah," he responds with a gleam in his eye. "But not just any hallowed light, this one has been tpenchanted!"

"Yes, well, if true, that would be the only one on Aardwolf, you know. Off with ye!" The maze guards escort him out, still protesting.

There's one in every crowd, I tell ya. Next up is bright-eyed lass who's been around the morts a time or two. She confidently introduces herself as Morclaisa*. She deftly unclasps her cloak and swirls it around to us.

"Ah, now this is a find. It's a fine piece from the Crusaders, in very good condition. Looks like it has some enchanting on it, very nice work."

I arch an eyebrow at her, but she waves me off.

"No, it's not my work, I had Eureka do it."

"Well, we here at the Road Show are very familiar with her work, all top-notch. This would easily fetch a million gold on the market. Thank you for sharing it with us!The nice thing about this particular silky piece is that it has something for everyone: all five stats, plus some damage thrown in. Yes,
I'd wager this is the finest Martyr's Shroud I've seen. This would easily fetch a million gold on the market. Thank you for sharing it with us!"

Looks like we have time for one more. Oh boy, a newbie. Worse, a SUPERnewbie! They think they know everything! Well, let's give him a shot.

"Hey, guys! I love your show! I didn't have anything cool of my own, so I had someone give me this to show off. Oh, and, um," he coughs, and his voice deepens, "my name is Turie."

He pulls a small earpiece out and dangles it in front of us. "I was, you know, just browsing through the iwuvaard.org catalog while waiting for my quest timer and I found something I knew you would just love!"

I admit, we were intrigued. A gamestock item? We're so used to seeing enchanted clan gear and Aard quest items, this is quite a surprise.

"This appears to be a like-new shard from the Stuff of Shadows. Amazingly, it too has all the stats with some DR thrown in. What's more, it's ready to be enchanted. I think I know who you should take this to."

I give him a theatrical wink.

That wraps up this edition of Equipment Road Show, where we put the spotlight
on some wonderful weapons, magical monstrosities and amazing armor.

* Names changed because they didn't sign the waiver.

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