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Midgaard in Chaos after Sporting Defeat
Written by Danj

Riots erupted on the streets of Midgaard today as the Midgaardian soccer team crashed out of the Aardwolf Cup with an absolutely shambolic effort against the Western Continent team. The match was a complete disaster for the Midgaard side, with lacklustre play countered by brilliant set pieces from the opposition. Tempers were frayed in the second half and Midgaard's star centre forward, Neeroo, ended up getting himself sent off after venting his frustration on an opposition player with a kick in the nadgers. "I always thought the Nadgers were a range of mountains down south, but I sure know differently now", commented Nodalro, the affected player.

Midgaardian sportsfans' victory hopes are now pinned on their two entrants in this year's tennis championship at Wombledon.


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