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Pacifist paper people possibly pondering PK
Written by Trurien
One irate member, who chose to remain anonymous, grumbled "It's about time we showed those complaining types that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword." Another clansman quipped, "Clan Midgaardian actually spells 'I am clad and angri' if you rearrange the letters... and considering the recent uproar over our new EQ refuelling the debate on open vs closed clan EQ, we have every right to be 'clad and angri'!"

Sources close to the clan suggest that this rumour was supposed to be leaked around the 1st of April, but was delayed due to technical glitches in the clan's admin system. Further investigation is needed to bring the truth to light. For now, the word is that militant journalists may usher in a new era at Gaardian.

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