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Pets versus People, the real PvP
Written by Nehtor
A large uprising has begun in the ranks of adventurers' pets and charmed mobs. In a statement barked across the continents, pets demand emancipation from the abusive nature of their owners, who they are often forced to live with and work for. Rumours among the pets are that an elaborate plan has been made, to force their oppressors to give all pets their freedom to live in a nation of their own. A source has told us that; 'it will be one quick strike, and it will surely force them to their knees when they realise, that we pushed all their fly-pots into the river!'


Stunned adventurers have stared at their pets as they just leave a battle to hang liberation-posters on various street corners. A large amount of animal psychologists have been brought into the city to sort out these apparent identity problems. Some people have even been reported, in their desperation, to seek out the advice of werewolves, because of their close relationship with animalistic feelings. Unfortunately most of these are advised by the werewolves to be eaten, which the people then involuntarily become.


Further plans from an inside source sketches how the PLO (Pet Liberation Organisation) has infiltrated adventurers to a degree where they themselves thought they were pets. This organisation has instigated a new movement in the name of EFFIGY (Emancipation For Friends In Grave Yokes) which is designed to ultimately conquer their current masters and secure at least the Western Continent as being under pet dominion.


Those adventurers who don't have pets just shrug and laugh, before going off to their 4th of July parties, celebrating something long forgotten.


Huzzah and happy 4th of July…even you who don't celebrate that stuff.


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