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Faerie Tales declares secession from list of areas
Written by Wolfe
New Independent State of Taleovia declared, demands own server

In a surprising move yesterday afternoon, the area formerly known as 'Faerie Tales'' has declared itself a sovereign nation separate from the rest of the MUD.


"Too long have we suffered under the oppression of those levels 180-201," their formal spokesperson, A Princess, said in a prepared statement yesterday. "Our borders are crossed illegally thousands of times a day, our crops pillaged, our people slain, our homes destroyed. This comes to an end today, with the formation of the Independent Republic of Taleovia."


Although sudden, this secession from the rest of Aardwolf appears to have been planned by the citizens of Taleovia for some time. A list of 'inalienable rights', or 'ultimatums' as the Immortals have called them, have been drawn up and presented in a formal declaration of Independence. These include 'the right of individuals to respawn when and where they wish', 'freedom of emotes', and of course the ever popular 'right to arm bears', a hot button issue for the woodland denizens of the area for some time.


The new nation's economy is currently in freefall, exports consisting mainly of slightly used mattresses, gingerbread architecture, and golden eggs, but plans are in place to introduce light industry into the more rural areas. Starbucks and McDonalds have already expressed interest in opening branches in the area's metropolitan centre, A Forest Clearing.


"We expect a lot of resistance at first to the idea," continued A Princess, "but all we are asking is a degree of control over our own destinies, instead of being puppets of a larger power. Now that we have achieved this, we can move forward towards our nations goal of living happily ever after."


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